Strategic advertising campaign by Fedex

Advertising Campaign: Making Neighbors

The world is gradually shrinking into a global village whereby people can exchange information, goods, and ideas with ease. FedEx, one of the global logistics companies, has demonstrated its ability to reach out to people in different parts of the world through a rich delivery network (Dan). The strategic advertising campaign by Fedex: making neighbors portrays its global presence and connectivity. The capacity of FedEx to deliver goods fast and efficiently has turned continents into neighbors because distance is no longer a physical hindrance when sending or receiving packages.


In the campaign image, FedEx demonstrates handing a package to a gentleman below her through the window. The woman is in Asia while the gentleman is receiving the package in Australia. The image demonstrates the company’s prowess in delivering goods across boundaries. Denotatively, the image shows a simple illustration of the two physical locations which are depicted to be close to each other. That is, the lady handing the package can access it by only stretching her hands. Connotatively, the advertisement illustrates FedEx’s global connection and the reality of its slogan “FedEx delivers to a changing world.”

The image’s display of the larger Asia and Australia to demonstrate its ability to connect the two regions. Moreover, the Asian region is highly populated and the image portrays the ability of FedEx to meet their logistical needs efficiently. It is also noteworthy that the woman handing the white package is not straining neither is the gentleman receiving it. This is an illustration of how simple and fast FedEx is in delivering goods.


The advertisement is also clear on the audience that FedEx targets. The two characters in the image are casually dressed which indicates that they are going through their daily simple activities. The objective of FedEx is to serve all people regardless of their occupations or financial backgrounds. Had the company intended to pass a corporate message, a formal image could have been used.


FedEx advertising strategy in the discussed image portrays its capacity to connect different global regions for fast and efficient delivery of services. The idea of having two characters handing and receiving a package also demonstrates that FedEx has reduced continents and regions to physical neighbors. Also, the casual nature of the characters in the image portrays FedEx as a company that targets people from different economic backgrounds. With FedEx, as illustrated in the image, sending a package is as simple as handing it to a neighbor.

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