Mercedes Benz Ad Analysis

Mercedes Benz Ad

The Mercedes Benz ad aims to convince customers to take their cars for service at authorized car repair dealerships. The image of the advertisement shows a wrench that casts the shadow of a dragon. The picture portrays the underlying risk of servicing a Mercedes-Benz at unauthorized garages.  Moreover, the advertisement mentions additional benefits in the form of a discount and a free diagnosis. Therefore, the Mercedes-Benz advert persuades customers to look for services at certified services stations through the choice of items, the depiction of the objects, and the offer of additional benefits.


The item used in the ad is an essential aspect of the ability to convince the buyers. Thus the advertisement uses the image of a spanner that projects a dragon’s shadow. Photo advertisements enable advertisers to tell a story through a clean and creative canvas (Clark). The wrench allows the company to show the dangers of using unauthorized mechanics for Mercedes-Benz vehicle repairs.

The depiction of the objects is another element that permits the creation of an effective advert. The picture of the spanner with the shadow of a dragon illustrates that the mechanics will appear capable of giving appropriate service. However, they have a hidden aspect that cannot guarantee that they will do the job correctly. Thus, the owner of a Mercedes-Benz car risks running into more problems by choosing their services.


Lastly, the advertisement gives two incentives to convince customers to look for certified mechanics. The company offers a 15% discount on spare parts. Moreover, the car manufacturer promises a free vehicle diagnosis at the dealerships. Therefore, the customer receives some encouragement to go to the authorized service points.

The Mercedes Benz ad uses relevant items, depiction, and benefits to convince customers to look for authorized garages. Through the three elements, the company illustrates the importance of using certified mechanics. The advert shows that there is an underlying risk of choosing service points that do not have the authorization of the company. Furthermore, the ad shows that customers will receive discounts and free diagnostics if they choose certified car repair dealerships.

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