Is the Wall Street Journal Ad Convincing Enough

The Wall Street Journal Ad

The Wall Street Journal prides itself as one of the best business-focused newspaper in the globe. The newspaper has developed its reputation among the international business community because of articulate reporting and focused advertisement. The motive of the Wall Street Journal Ad is to enhance the company’s reputation in the market and increase readership. The ad, which is black and white, features a folded wall street journal newspaper, and bold and conspicuous message: “Money talks. We translate.” The Wall Street Journal’s ad is catchy and transmits the message in a concise but comprehensive manner and thus convincing to the readers.


At first glance of the ad, the viewer observes the phrase written in a large figurative typeface. Although the phrase is short, it describes The Wall Street Journal comprehensively. The first part of the words, “money talks” describes the niche the newspaper targets, while the second part, “we translate” explains how the newspaper breaks down complex news information into simple language a layman can understand. In short, the ad uses the phrase to describe the uniqueness and superior quality of the product it offers,

In addition to describing the product, the figurative presentation of attracts the eye and invites the viewer to analyze the product and the brand (Puškarević et al. 3). The brand’s name is the second most conspicuous item. Detailed information about the ad is presented towards the bottom. The information is not conspicuous as at this juncture the viewer has established interest in the brand to make deliberate effort to gather as much information as possible about the company and its products. Another notable feature of the ad is the choice of color. The ad uses muted or dull color for the overall presentation to enhance the purpose of the picture. It emphasizes the seriousness with which the newspaper treats the money and businesses in general. This enhances the image of the company in addressing financial issues.


There is no doubt the advertisement communicates the message succinctly but comprehensively. The choice of words and the presentation of the ad as a whole are simple but with a powerful message that invites the viewers to be more engaged in the advertisement. As such the ad is convincing enough.

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