Letgo Advertising Campaign

The Letgo Advertising Campaign

Advertisements usually provide a way of raising awareness about a brand while showing the benefits of a specific product. Hence, a company needs to create an informative, intriguing phrases and images that are more interesting. For instance, one Letgo advertising campaign reveals how someone was riding a bicycle, but, he is just hanging in the air because the product has already been sold. The situation reveals how the app is swift in selling products and ensuring that the buyers get quality goods. This essay evaluates how an advert for the app Letgo is effective and can persuade its target market to utilize the platform.


The image is an important aspect of the advert because it reveals the quickness of the app in selling products. The app Letgo acts as a platform to connect buyers and sellers. Basically allowing them to negotiate prices and have conversations about the product (Hartmans). Hence, the image reveals how the seller’s bicycle has been sold while he is still riding it.

The caption also places more emphasis on the competitive advantage that Letgo has over the other firms. For instance, the phrase insists that the app will use simple approaches to sell products more swiftly (Appendix One). Hence, the caption can also review how one simply takes a photo and the app places it in its appropriate category. The app can even create messages automatically to initiate a conversation with the buyers or sellers.

The person in the advert is wearing a hood and shoes with the color that is the same as the appearance of the app’s brand. Hence, the coordination of the colors also assists the viewer in watching how the app is changing people. As a result, the use of colors insists that clients need to embrace the brand and help other individuals in benefiting from the act.


In conclusion, the evaluation reveals how the advert is appropriate in persuading its audience. Reminding them to use the app in selling their products. Evidently, the initiatives are more effective in combining the use of an image and a caption that are applicable to that particular circumstance. The use of colors also place more emphasis on the brand and it reveals how it is important in this situation.

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Appendix One

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