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Hello, my name is Sarkis. I’m a visionary entrepreneur and marketer. I wanted to start this blog on the count that I could not find another like this one.

About this blog

I am starting this marketing re-imagined blog because I could not find one like it. It is about marketing focusing on marketing strategy, guerrilla marketing and the psychology behind the everyday ads we see. This blog is for business owners, marketers, entrepreneurs and anyone who would like to learn more about marketing, strategies and more in depth knowledge about the psychological role that advertisements make in our society in terms of business and sales growth.

This blog will consist of 2-3 posts a week to start off.

  1. Psychology Wednesdays:
    • Every Wednesday referred to psychology Wednesdays I will take an interesting ad campaign from a company and speak about how customers perceive the ad, the strategies used by the company in creating the ad, the purpose of the ad as well as their target audience.
  2. Marketing Fridays:
    • Every Friday referred to Marketing Fridays I will post a more general article about marketing business or sales. Some topics will include marketing strategies, business development, sales strategies, marketing channels and how to implement them in your business as well as trends in marketing.

What I would like from you.

I encourage all subscribes as well as shares and comments. Depending on how this goes I will be creating a Facebook page for it as well. My goals for this blog are to have subscribers participate with the posted topics so we can all mutually grow our knowledge.

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