Coke Ad Analysis

Coke Ad Analysis: Poster on Behance

Companies design their advertisements to identify with a given target group. The objective of advertising is to create a positive appeal to the consumers and consequently increase sales (Ketelaar et al., 2017). Coca Cola has been consistent in its advertisements with the goal of remaining the dominant soft drink throughout. The company changes its messages occasionally to create an appeal to a given group of consumers. The coke adverts identify with people’s daily lives and this is imperative in creating an image of the drink as a necessity.  Here is more in this coke ad analysis.

Figure 1: Coke ad Poster on Behance

In the image alongside, Coke is equated to the moon to bring light where there is darkness. It is arguable that the company targets individuals who may be undergoing emotional turbulence. Light is a source of hope. The reflection of the light is depicted in the form of a bottle of coke which indicates that taking the beverage would bring hope.

The purpose of the advert is to portray coke as a necessity in people’s daily lives. The rationale for this is that emotional suffering is part of people’s daily lives. I focused on this image because it depicts coke as a source of life or hope. The image is intelligently crafted to represent light which people cannot do without.


Summarily, advertisements are structured to capture the attention of the consumers. To maintain a positive appeal, companies have to revise their advertisement messages. Coca Cola has been consistent in presenting attention-capturing images which have enabled it to offset competition from other beverage companies. However, for an advert to be effective, the target group has to interpret it correctly. Therefore, the message should not be complex beyond the level of understanding of the target group.

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