Heinz Ketchup Creative Advertisement

Creativity in Heinz Ketchup

The ad which will be analyzed in the essay is the Heinz Ketchup. Heinz designs the ad to capture the attention of their consumers. The ad is a bottle which is cut in horizontal lines, like tomatoes which are placed on top of each other. If you look at the advertisement, you will realize that it is designed in a way that will stick in your memory. The analysis will show how creativity has been used to present a direct and straightforward yet creative ad.

The advertisement successfully appeals to the desires of people who are looking for foods with no chemicals. The most significant part of the advertisement is the ketchup looking like sliced tomatoes. The tomatoes which have been used in the ad seem to be fresh, which is a representation of naturalness and health, bottled for the consumer by Heinz. According to Phoebe (n.d), the image is an exemplary example of a graphic design which is meaningful

The phrase “no one grows ketchup like Heinz” shows the use of text to communicate the concept that Heinz delivers fresh ketchup. The phrase also shows that Heinz grows the tomatoes which are used for the ketchup hence the word “grows” in the phrase. More emphasis on freshness is given by the green stem used at the top of the tomato since green is seen as a color which linked to nature.


The ad by Heinz sells the product effectively. The ad also reaches a wide range of consumers of ketchup. The simplicity of the advertisement is enough to attract the consumers as it shows them that they are selling a product which is organic. The creativity used for the ad is effective in promoting it.


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