The WMF Knife Ad

The “WMF Grand Gourmet knife” in the WMF Knife Ad seeks to convince buyers that the knife is the sharpest tool available in the market. The picture demonstrates a knife that is capable of slicing through a raw carrot as well as chopping the board on which the carrot rests. It portrays the capability of the knife. Thus, the “WMF Grand Gourmet knife” advert convinces customers that they will have the sharpest tool they can find in their kitchen through the choice of items, the organization of materials, and the depiction of outcomes.


The choice of items is a valuable technique that demonstrates the sharpness of the WMF Grand Gourmet knife. In the advert, the items that the knife slices are a carrot and a wooden chopping board.  According to Clark, photo ads allow advertisers to tell a story in a clean and creative canvas. The chopping board and carrot permits the advertisers to tell the story of the capability of the knife.

The arrangement of the sliced carrot and board combine to give the impression of a strong, sharp knife suited to any person’s kitchen needs. The image shows that the knife is capable of straight cuts that do not move the materials. Usually, the process of cutting things in the kitchen leaves items in disarray. However, the WMF knife ad shows that it makes a clean cut even when cutting through tough items such as wood.

Lastly, the depiction of the results of using the knife convinces people to choose the knife. As stated, the knife leaves a clean kitchen counter despite cutting through hard substances. The photo shows that using the knife assures users that they will not struggle with cleaning and will have an easy time using the knife for chopping. Thus, the image convinces people to use the knife for the best outcomes.


The “WMF Grand Gourmet knife” advert uses materials, results, and arrangement to convince the audience. Through the three aspects, the advertisers show that the knife is capable of quick, clean cuts. It shows that people should choose the knife if they want to work faster and avoid making messes in the kitchen. The advertisement indicates that the knife will serve people’s needs in the kitchen.

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